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Post  SimonJ on Thu Jan 31, 2008 1:52 pm

So how can we make a killer show and a bit of dosh with these mad moves of Robin and his crew who jump and flip and are amazing?

Skate video style, with a handful of different locations each ep, and a few little short segments of them mucking about with things like skateboards, pool, bikes etc.
What other style could we do?
Set it up like a sport, with commentators and organised areas

Be better to be crazy, off the wall, mad, with all sorts of styles and bits thrown in, like jackarse and skate vids and all that. Them being funny to camera, a segment of commentators, get b or c level comedians to commentate or be funny while mad cunts pull moves

How would we make $$$?
Sponsorship announcement deals.
Endorsements for what they wear
Endorsements for what they drink.
Get paid to pull the moves in a certain location (bowling alley, car dealership, swimming pool)
Get paid to pull moves using certain items (cars, furniture)
Giveaways squashed in throughout.
Get paid to perform at venues, then film it and use it as part of the show (eg, warm up act for a band)
Cross promotion (at a 4WD TV event...)

Channel 31: A large audience means we can use other technologies to tie in phone, Internet, Air flight companies, advertising TVs in shopping centres, fitness centres,

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