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Post  SimonJ on Thu Jul 03, 2008 7:19 pm

You Know How I Know? is a new radio show I'm hosting on SYN, 90.7fm.
It's on Monday's 3pm till 4:30pm.
It's all about reviews! Movies, music, gigs, comedy, TV, theatre, exhibitions, restaurants, comics and books are all fair game, as well as reviewing something quirky each week, be it men's cologne, the best intersections, eastern suburb cricket pitches or the train ride from Preston to the City. There's also news and updates for some of the broader topics.

The big kick is that while I'm hosting, any of YOU delightful people are free and welcome to provide the reviews and news. If you would like to do so, let me know. I can hook you up with freebies or suggest a catergory of the arts for you to review for the week, or you can suggest a review to me and most likely I'll say "sure!" You can either come in on the day and talk live on air, or if you are unable, you can do a pre-record with me either in the studio or at my place. if you go on-air, also provide me with a song you like, as I'll play it after your spot.

If I don't know your work, please send me a few examples of reviews so I can make sure you're up to snuff!

Eventually I hope to a) send mail outs with the freebies for you to snap up and review and b) integrate the show into the SYN website or a site of our own, as a place for the written versions of your reviews to go. Stay tuned for that!

Thanks a bunch chums,
Simon J. Green
(PM me for contact details)

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